Crossing the human-technology divide is one of the major challenges in creating a software project. Our speciality is combining our clients’ domain knowledge with technical know-how and realistic expectations to create to working and useful systems.

Treo is a bespoke consultancy working to solve our clients' problems, at both strategic and practical levels, allowing for a smooth and reliable implementation phase. We're Cambridge based with a strong, ongoing connection to the University.

What we do

Early Stage Consulting

Early stage technology decisions can be daunting for professionals without a technology background and can be absolutely key to getting great results from limited resources. Treo, with experience with small teams and uncertain initial requirements, aims to get your project on firm footing from the start.

We believe our strongest skill is to cross the boundary between business and technical in a feasible and efficient way to help deliver cost effective and, more importantly, useful projects.

Due Diligence

We can help you reduce risk when investing in technology startups by doing a multifaceted technical review of both concept, implementation and team. By keeping an oversight of the progress after investment, Treo can also help keep an eye on the health of the enterprise as development proceeds.

Project oversight

Keeping a finger on the pulse of an outsourced software project can be a job in itself, but one that needn't take so much time or cause as much stress. Treo can take away the management workload and deliver timely, unbiased updates which are underpinned by technical oversight and real world knowledge of the software development process.


Recruiting technical people for your company can be a stressful and often risky affair. Choosing candidates on strengths in relevant skills is near on impossible when software knowledge internally is missing. Treo will help you with writing of advertisements, screening CVs and finally with the interviewing progress to insure you have the highest chances of recruiting the best person for your needs.

Why use Treo:

We use strong technical knowledge, a world class academic background and on-demand research techniques to quickly get a handle on your problems; from language analysis to procedural art, we'll be able to help give technical and project management inputs.