Past Projects & Clients

Africa's Voices Foundation

A long term collaborative engagement with Africa’s Voices has lead to several separate projects and new capabilities. Increasingly rich analysis of difficult foreign language SMS data has been achieved with original methodology and experimentation.

An exploratory interface was also created which allows non technical teams to get a feel for large quantities of textual data without the need of training in specialist programs. With several rounds of iteration, the interface is used as a platform for developing more relevant visualisations and filtering techniques.

Africa's Voices helps reach, engage and understand African communities using modern digital media (social and mobile) to deliver deeper and wider opinions than conventional surveying techniques. An off shoot of the University of Cambridge's POLIS Department, Africa's Voices was founded in 2015 and Giles has been working with them from the start.

Carrack Measurement Technology

Carrack specialises in developing custom technology and sharing expertise built over many years in the seismic and scientific sensor systems industry. In a long running collaboration, Treo has provided electronics and embedded system development, as well as custom software for data processing.

Most recently, Carrack developed a highly custom data logger for use in testing of a efficient anchoring system, designed by University College Dublin. After a successful deployment and on board assistance, motion processing and visualisation software was built and delivered. The project was delivered on an extremely ambitious schedule of 6 weeks from order to hardware delivery.

The Carrack-Treo collaboration brings both hardware, electronics and software knowledge together to enable cost effective, rapid development of specific sensor systems.


Treo's role as Tech Lead on the Psyomics initial project have and will involve several aspects: initial feasibility and conceptual decisions, specification and schedule, recruitment of programmer and management of the software development process. The implementation of the project was managed with relatively little active time and therefore with potentially much lower financial risk compared to a full time hire.

PsyOmics is a Cambridge-based biotechnology start-up focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders through the provision of quantified health solutions, clinical diagnostics and contract research services.

The Whistle Project

Working with Ella McPherson of the Universtiy of Cambridge’s Department of Sociology and the Whistle’s team as tech lead through initial concept to specification and maintaining an advisory role while developing the "Youtube Multitool", an early prototype tool for extracting data from Youtube videos. The Whistle is a human rights abuse reporting app and verification dashboard, automatically bringing in collated data relevant to individual reports. Giles, with others from the Whistle team, presented The Whistle at RightsCon 2016.